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Step 6: Substitute the values of each of the corner points into the objective function, and identify either the maximum profit, or the minimum cost. Let me graph a couple more points here just so that I make sure that I'm drawing it reasonably accurately.

If we move forward 2, we'll move up 4, just like that.


It takes 2 hours to wax and put finishing touches on each pair of telemark skis and it takes 2 hours to complete the same processes for the cross-country skis.

So let me shade that in. So this graph is going to look something like this. The second inequality is y is less than 2x minus 5. In this particular example, we are looking for the maximum profit. The variables must be non-negative. The following example illustrates these processes.

In general, if the inequality is "less than," one shades below the line, and if the inequality is "greater than," one shades above the line. Mathematical Definition Two or more linear inequalities with the same variables form a system of inequalities. So it would look something like this. Maybe we could put an empty set like that, two brackets with nothing in it.

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They're separated by this kind of no-man's land between these two parallel lines.

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Graphing Equations Using Algebra Calculator