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It helps you to relieve some stress, allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, and records important events in your life.

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The interface of the source is much more of a newspaper than of a feed line. However, you'll need a Dabble.

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Check out any of these journal sites when you get a chance to give you some inspiration or even read what others have written.

Look into starting a WordPress blog and see what we mean.

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Or, if you prefer, keep them to yourself! Advantages to Starting a Blog If you are debating on whether to keep an online journal or doing a blog instead, you may want to consider these advantages of keeping a blog.

Momento excels at resurfacing where you've been and what you've done in the past.

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So if you have different types of notes personal and public , register on this website. Online Journal Onlinejournal. These online platforms make it easy to start a journal today and keep up with it year round. Reminders: Perhaps the biggest challenge to journaling is remembering to do it. This tool is completely free and allows anyone to log on and create a journal for free. You can add a photo, tag entries with hashtags, add links to songs in Spotify to play them on your Dabble. Of course, you are free to make your blog private or available only for your friends. That way you can leverage the free webapp and any mobile apps available and there are tons for the major platforms to update when you're at your computer, on your phone, on your tablet, or on the go. Journalate Journalate is a simple online diary where you can keep your thoughts. That's as simple as journaling gets. The service is free with a convenient text editor and all the necessary options for post writing.

With the notebook or paper backgrounds, these designs take you back to a time when a paper was the rule of the day. Every journal seems to be like a private apartment of the owner: personalized style, custom backgroundfeed, layouts, buttons.

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It helps you to relieve some stress, allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, and records important events in your life. Then you can control your own content, make it as public or as private as you choose, and access your journal anywhere. Sometimes dogs get curious too! Best of all, everything is locked down by default, so you can write what you want, when you want, wherever you want to, without worrying someone might stumble onto it. That doesn't mean your blog has to be viewable to anyone but you, or even public at all. Like Twitter, Tumblr is based on hashtags. Pleasant interface: A minimalist, uncluttered interface helps you focus on your thoughts and make journaling a pleasant experience. Like Penzu, it offers high security level. Journaling apps can help you figure this out and help you establish a daily writing routine. Thus, this platform is for those who want to share cool news, GIF pictures , music and so on.
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