What are the lessons of vietnam

Wars are easier to start than to end, to escalate than to draw down.

lessons of history and lessons of vietnam

Today the desire to forget Vietnam seems to have given way to a desire to learn about it—specifically to learn how to avoid getting involved in such disastrous misadventures again. SNCC called U.

what lessons did america learn from the vietnam war quizlet

New York: McGraw-Hill, Some describe the excesses and even the criminal behavior of the U. In Vietnam, as in many other places since then, the answer is clearly that our government had no business going to war there.

What lessons can we learn from the vietnam war today?

We have not learned the lessons of Vietnam. Subscribe Subscribe to the Defense One daily. That may be because he has not experienced the costs of war. Torture is as American as apple pie, widely practiced in wars and prisons. A graduated withdrawal compatible with preventing a takeover by radical Islam in Iraq is also a serious challenge in Iraq. The fact that there will be serious consequences for a country after U. In his documentary film on the Vietnam War, Ken Burns notes that because of Vietnam, the baby boom generation became the first to discover that it could not trust its leaders. It didn't always seem this way.

The very fact that we had begun to engage ourselves was, it was claimed, compelling reason why we should continue to do so—and, of course, we must win. When Nixon came into office, there were more thanU.

lesson learned from vietnam war quizlet

If we fail to meet this challenge, all other nations will be on notice that, despite its overwhelming power, the United States, when a real crisis comes, will have been found wanting.

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The “Obvious” Lessons of the Vietnam War