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The mobile cities are called Cathedrals and are devoted to worship of the Miracle, which they believe is God's message to humanity.

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Publication excerpt from Matilda McQuaid, ed. Ron Herron, a founding member of Archigram, the influential British group known for its admixture of science-fiction and pop culture, created his Walking City out of an indefinite number of giant roaming pods containing different urban and residential areas.

The specific social conditions of the Spanish territory it is designed for also add to its relevance: it provides work for the high number of unemployed citizens in Spain.

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Read on to see more on this provocative project - including a full set of presentation boards in the image gallery. Certeau's education was eclectic, following the medieval tradition of peregrinatio academica. During the building of the U.

Ron Herron's Walking City is one of the more recognizable Archigram designs from the s, and has been influential to architectural theory ever since. The city is pushed along by the slight yet powerful expansion of the rails as the close-by sun shines on them with the city always just staying within the planetary nightmoving the city once around the planet every 88 Earth days.

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An aircraft carrier could be considered a walking city whose primary resource or function is that of an aircraft maintenance, supply and launching center which moves about the globe fulfilling its function where it is most needed while stopping occasionally for resupply Glassco, Please update your browser for the best experience.

Ron Herron Walking City on the Ocean, project Exterior perspective Not on view Traversing the ocean, the units of Herron's Walking City represent a kind of technological utopianism—military submarines are combined with insectlike exoskeletons and periscoping legs.

In fact the Walking City is not unlike some of the engineering accomplishments seen at Cape Kennedy—mobile structures that traverse the landscape.

Traversing the ocean, they represent a kind of technological utopianismmilitary submarines are combined with insect-like exoskeletons and periscope legs.

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A Walking City for the 21st Century