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Greater Noida is part of the tourist circuit on Golden Triangle. Most consumers in India still like to buy a vast range of products from the unorganised sector and the neighbourhood markets — this may include electronics accessories such as mobile-phone covers and chargers, pooja items, kitchen utensils, ethnic foods or their ingredients, and so on.

It creates a distinct image in the minds of the customers. It gives a far better ambience removing the hustle and bustle of the narrow lanes of market. Perhaps the weather of Bangalore that remains pleasant nine months a year will do more justice to an open-air mall than the extreme weather of Mumbai or Kolkata.

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A combination of factors: location, the catchment area around it, the right retail and product mix, design and maintenance and off course size. The ultimate goal is to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to consumers. What are the key elements that determine the success of a mall? In the last ten years, there has been a proliferation of traditional malls across India but demand is now creating a focus on niche markets and the necessity to provide differentiated shopping experiences. With the changing shopping needs and aspirations, consumers are finding it easier to shop at malls where a wide choice of merchandise is available under one roof which comprises the reasons for the growth of shopping malls in India. Despite many hiccups, including the recession of and the advent of ecommerce businesses, the numbers vouch safe that Indian malls are definitely here to stay. The centre also has a themed area called The Village, which comprises a showcase of craftsmen and artisans from across India demonstrating their skills and culture, a selection of state-run emporiums, carts, kiosks, and mini pavilions of traditional Indian delicacies from across the country, from the chaiwalla to thupka, dhoklas to dosas, meenmoily to malai curry and more, a World Market which will have a range of ethnic merchandise from Tibetan tankhas to Balinese masks and Italian leather-ware to Turkish lace, a World Food Pavilion where one can sample delicacies from visiting food stalls from across the world. From a cursory look at the odd shopping centres operating in the country, there does not seem to be too many, except size.

Place your beer card on the tab and the screen shows you how many litres of which brand you can buy for the money in your card. Footfalls are almost five times higher in malls than on high street locations. But this year, the military theme has become popular.

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And they are succeeding at this. In such kind of malls, the range of goods plays a critical role in attracting customers.

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