The sun also rises chapter 14

See you later, Jake.

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I'm going to England. I watched him crossing the street through the taxis, small, heavy, slowly sure of himself in the traffic. Let's go and eat.

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And indeed, she seems disinclined to regret her mistakes, much less seek forgiveness for them. However, he also thinks that in five years this philosophy will seem as silly and useless as all the other philosophies he has constructed. Nothing at all, really. I wonder why I never thought about it. It was the one who was here last night. Let me see if there is anything new. Although Jake enjoys fishing very much, he does not hesitate to abandon it for Brett—indeed, Jake almost always puts Brett ahead of his own plans and his other relationships. Last night I formed another idea of her. The story is indicative of the way he and his friends skirt the edges of their war experience. Look at Anatole France. About me going to hell. In the war, morality is clear: you fight to survive, to protect your friends, to defeat the enemy.

That isn't the sort of thing she likes. And when I tell him he just cries and says he can't marry. Live out in the country and have a little car. Mike does not discuss his time in the trenches or the effects of the war on his life.

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As I stood against the bar looking out I could see them through the window. On the other hand, he was not angry at being beaten.

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The town prepares for the fiesta. Because you can't have scenes without crying, and then you pity yourself so much you can't remember what the other person's said. It doesn't do any good. Indeed, the narrator seems to be in love with Brett, but cannot be with her, although even then he values his presence, since he actually tries to sleep from the moment he knows she is nearby, feeling reassured. Perhaps I had read something about it once. Isn't it mystic? Let me tell you something. Let me see if there is anything new. I knew it would happen when he went to New York. We talked about one thing and another, and I left him to come to the office. Students went by going up to the law school, or down to the Sorbonne. Well, I suppose that we that live by the sword shall perish by the sword. That's what he wants.

No one is willing to be held accountable for his cruelty toward Cohn.

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The Sun Also Rises Book 2, Chapter 14 Summary