The principles and policies of information security essay

Instead, a good password policy is one that requires the use of a minimum of eight characters, and at least one upper-case letter, one special character, and one number. What does the term physical security mean?

Writing security policies

A firewall can exist as hardware or software or both. Physical Security An organization can implement the best authentication scheme in the world, develop the best access control, and install firewalls and intrusion prevention, but its security cannot be complete without implementation of physical security. When employees understand security policies, it will be easier for them to comply. A more secure way to authenticate a user is to do multi-factor authentication. Physical intrusion detection: High-value information assets should be monitored through the use of security cameras and other means to detect unauthorized access to the physical locations where they exist. As information has become a strategic asset, a whole industry has sprung up around the technologies necessary for implementing a proper backup strategy. Some policies for ensuring integrity reflect a concern for preventing fraud and are stated in terms of management controls. Such a simple analog of hardware diagnostics should be a fundamental requirement; it may not be seen as such because vendors do not offer it or because users have difficulty expressing their needs. Summary Information security policies are the foundation of a good a security program. A security policy to ensure availability usually takes a different form, as in the following example: "No inputs to the system by any user who is not an authorized administrator shall cause the system to cease serving some other user. For example, information is assigned to an "owner" or guardian , who controls access to it. Information security policies should reflect the risk appetite of executive management and therefore serve to establish an associated security mindset within an organization. However, computers are active entities, and programs can be changed in a twinkling, so that past happiness is no predictor of future bliss. Personal Information Security Poster from Stop. It may also be necessary to specify the degree of the accuracy of data.

The coming year will be a busy one for lawyers, compliance officers, privacy officers, and senior management as they must stay above the game when it comes to privacy and security. Change passwords regularly.

Thus they avoid listing threats, which would represent a severe risk in itself, and avoid the risk of poor security design implicit in taking a fresh approach to each new problem.

Information security policy

Most e-mail and social media providers now have a two-factor authentication option. Backups Another essential tool for information security is a comprehensive backup plan for the entire organization. Thus the specific requirements and controls for information security can vary. An IDS can be configured to watch for specific types of activities and then alert security personnel if that activity occurs. Critical data should be backed up daily, while less critical data could be backed up weekly. Use simple language; after all, you want your employees to understand the policy. Sidebar: Virtual Private Networks Using firewalls and other security technologies, organizations can effectively protect many of their information resources by making them invisible to the outside world. This is called symmetric key encryption. And as the number of users and resources increase, ACLs become harder to maintain.

You also should use different passwords for different accounts, so that if someone steals your password for one account, they still are locked out of your other accounts. Mobile devices can pose many unique security challenges to an organization.

The university must be sure that only those who are authorized have access to view the grade records.

purpose of information security policy

A major conclusion of this report is that the lack of a clear articulation of security policy for general computing is a major impediment to improved security in computer systems.

Be suspicious of strange links and attachments. To log in to an information resource using the RSA device, you combine something you know, a four-digit PIN, with the code generated by the device.

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Chapter 6: Information Systems Security