The green light makes the world go around in the great gatsby

The American Dream is the idea that someone from a lower-class background can work hard and move up the social ladder because American society has historically had more class mobility than other countries.

So green does represent a kind of hope, but not always a good one.

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Furthermore, one cannot overlook the presence of WWI in many of their works. Why gold and not green?

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D, they were replaced by codex. We did notice that the color blue is present around Gatsby more than any other character. Daisy's second cousin once removed, Nick Carraway, is the link that helps to connect Gatsby and Daisy. Blue: This One's Up For Grabs Then there's the color blue, which we think represents Gatsby's illusions -- his deeply romantic dreams of unreality. In a sense, the symbol is more important to Gatsby than what is being symbolized, and Gatsby will struggle, and fail, to reconcile his dream with reality over the rest of the book. And if that weren't enough, T. Fitzgerald uses color like a preschooler let loose with tempera paints—only a little more meaningfully. In reality, though,Gatsby illustrates the hollowness of the American Dream, because even once he has accomplished this goal, he still is unable to attain Daisy, who represents a traditional elite background. Right before these famous last lines, Nick also describes the "fresh, green breast of the new world," the new world being this land as Nick imagines it existed hundreds of years before. Eckleburg are also blue, and so is Tom's car. On the surface, Gatsby appears to have achieved the American Dream, because he has managed to move from a lower-class background into the highest echelons of New York society, entirely through his own self-invention.

Eckleburg are also blue, and so is Tom's car. Did Daisy start off all innocent and fall along the way, or was there no such purity to begin with? As a result of the crash, the three characters from lower class backgrounds Gatsby, Myrtle, and George die, while the upper class characters of Nick, Daisy, Tom, and Jordan survive.

Both were born in provincial small towns but found their eventual success in metropolitan cities, Shakespeare in London and Faulkner in New York and Hollywood.

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First off, we've got yellows and golds, which we're thinking has something to do with…gold in the cash money sense.

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