The first year film reflection

Since our beds were both lofted, the closets which are three and a half feet wide and about 53 inches tall were the perfect height to serve double duty as bedside tables.

In August, I arrived on campus before my roommate, so I got to choose the layout of the furniture in our room, something I was looking forward to all summer! The right wall of our room, opposite our desks, was the home of our beds, which were set up parallel to and directly opposite of our desks, feet facing each other.

Reflections on My First Year in College Discover what this student learned during her first year in college. The side closer to the door became home to my desk, and the side closer to the window belonged to my roommate. My desk left and my roommate's desk right on move in day, before we had done much decorating, and before my roommate had put her chest of drawers under her bed!

A closer look at what can be fit underneath a lofted bed.

reflective essay on first year of university

The doors match the color of the accent wall as well, and even the floor is tinted with that color! That me is only eight months in the past, but still, she feels like someone who existed so long in the past.

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Moving Out: A Reflection On My First