Strategic objectives of malaysia airlines

Changes in customer preferences Customers have different needs and desires in term of purchasing.

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Its flight attendants undergo extensive training. This collaboration had piloted to a proposal towards the government of the Colonial Straits Settlement CSS to operate an air services between Penang and Singapore as these states are very well-known during that very era. On top of that, Malaysia Airlines holds an excellence record of service as the company has prouldy received more than for the past 10 years since its establishment.

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Price war with Air Asiaalso has affected their target in controlling the local market. Increase in yield Increase in yield mean revenue per passenger kilometre.

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For this reason, Malaysia Airlines should use this opportunity to expand their wing in the international market. Aircraft passengers have been growing as much as As the oldest flight carrier company in Malaysia, they shall use this advantage to continue to stay at the frontline in airline industry by using its available sufficient resources efficiently with the help of government and come up with efficient strategies as a way to compete and stabilize its own potision in airline industry.

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Increase customers and revenue With high quality services and products at low fares, it will attract more consumers choose to fly with Malaysia Airlines. As a result of that, Malaysia Airlines can manage to get a lot of profit in this growing industry by exploiting the opportunities and turn it into a profit. By this, Malaysia Airlines are going to take this opportunity to expand their services in other countries such as China and Japan where the people over there always travel abroad. The different in household income allow MAS to generate segmentation for price dimension. Therfore, Malaysia Airlines provide different class of seatings which are first class, business class, and economic class. Quality of management building high -performance service delivery teams. Firefly is Malaysias first communities airline. In asia pacific, cargo traffic posted a significant growth of This is due to the fear factor that stuck in their heart to feel insecure with the flight transportation. The strong competitive environments by low cost carriers such as Airasia in Malaysia is also causing the national flag carrier to restructure their operations.

By coordinate these value chain analysis activities, Malaysia Airlines can have a lower cost structure and increase the value of outcome product. Introduction of MHdeals, displays information about tourist attractions and deals that are currently on offer by Malaysia Airlines on iPhone.

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International Entrants i. As a result, Malaysia Airlines has successfully competed in the airline price wars that let the company to gain back profit in Terrorism might happen in many ways in certain country or it might happen inside the place such as plane being hijack. With this, they can depend on the government if they are having a financial problem or other difficulties which can benefit them. Other than that, Malaysia Airlines are also improving their website to become more convenient and easy with less procedure for all the customers that wish to book a ticket. Plus, motivated work force surely will lead Malaysia Airlines to gain profit. There are more advantages if become a member. Several weaknesses were due to the RM 1. For social factor, we know that there are different types of people with different preference in this country, so with different culture and thinking in society, not everyone would like to use flight as their transportation option. Plus, the power of suppliers is insignificant where Malaysia Airlines has their own aircraft maintenance subsidiary company. Therefore, the management needs to be rearranged and restructured. MAS internet booking system was launched in august , reduced airlines distribution cost significantly over the years.

In stategy management, there are Strategy Analysis, Strategy Formulation and Strategy Implementation which are the process to overcome that external factor which consist of objective to fulfil Hambrick, From assessment, MAS still have some weaknesses as other airlines company have.

It can be said that Malaysia Airlines leadership has weaknesses in scenario planning that causes market share and revenue losses.

Strategic objectives of malaysia airlines

As the increment of ticket fares occurred, local citizens with lower or medium income holders to lessen their frequency to travel on flight. In person interview produce more accurate answers. Therefore, Malaysia Airlines should take a strategic change to their state division in coping with the external environment. As global fuel price is increasing, it influenced Malaysia Airlines operating cost for sure which will directly result the loss in their profit. Lastly, we shall concern about the stability of Malaysia Airlines proxy server which is overloaded sometimes. With the peaceful and harmony environment, Malaysia become one of the popular and famous place with attractive travel destinations. As a result, Malaysia Airlines has successfully competed in the airline price wars that let the company to gain back profit in MAS internet booking system was launched in august , reduced airlines distribution cost significantly over the years. The internet is valuable for segmentation studies, respondent can paying full attention and take time choose their own opinion. Social factors The social factors are element such as beliefs, value, attitudes, opinions and lifestyles of a person will affect a firm external environment such as cultural, ecological, demographic, religious, educational and ethnic.
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