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By putting satellites and crewed spacecraft into orbit, scientists learned a great deal about Earth's atmosphere, Earth's ecosystems, and led to the development of Global Position Satellite GPS navigation.

The Hubble Space Telescope HSTfor example, has contributed more than a million observations in its 30 years of service.

Bywhen it would be 75 years of independence, an Indian — be it a man or a woman — will go to space with the tricolor flag in their hands. Aside from being a historic feat, the likes of which was never before seen or sincethe Apollo missions also resulted in many profound scientific advancements.

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And on July 20,astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first human on the Moon. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.

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The U. This change came for two reasons. Nearly a decade after SpaceShipOne reached space, several firms were poised to carry out such suborbital flights.

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Source: Master Sgt. Pioneer 10 is roughly at the outer edge of the heliosphere in During the frequent tours he did after his historic flight, Gagarin's warm manner and bright smile were said to have " lit up the darkness of the Cold War. So, what will Indian astronauts be known as? The other planets were first flown by in for Mars by Mariner 4 , for Jupiter by Pioneer 10 , for Mercury by Mariner 10 , for Saturn by Pioneer 11 , for Uranus by Voyager 2 , for Neptune by Voyager 2. One, therefore, has to ask, what benefits did all this spending really bring? But an equally valid question to ask in the midst of considering all that we've derived from it so far is, "would that have been possible otherwise? Pyle SSC The deployment of space-based telescopes has also had a major impact on astronomy and cosmology. His famous words, "That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind," are considered iconic well beyond the United States. Just saying

They illustrate a reality that has remained constant for a half century—as space capabilities are developed, they often can be used for both military and civilian purposes. Sharma prepared for his time in microgravity with specialized yoga exercises, according to the Indian history section of Space Today.

First astronomical body space explorations[ edit ] The first artificial object to reach another celestial body was Luna 2 reaching the Moon in Source: NASA Project Geminiwhich ran from —, sent several more crews into space using two-stage rockets and spacecraft capable of sending two astronauts in a single flight.

Had the program been terminated years ago, could the billions of taxpayer dollars that were saved as a result not been put towards addressing social problems?

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