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Sometimes cats will continue to use the kitty door without any more prompting. Note: This is also a first-person narrative.

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As the water level in the tank nears the top of the overflow pipe, the float closes the inlet valve, completing the cycle.

Then my test scores began to rise. Writers write paragraphs of comparison because the comparison will make their point clear to their readers.

I finally get it! This paragraph from Reader's Digest Complete Do-it-yourself Manual gives detailed information about how how the water moves through a toilet when it is flushed. Cause and Effect Paragraph 8.

When kitty came through the closed door, we would open the can and feed her.

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There is a coolness, a calmness, when the sun does set. Learning to communicate well is an important skill for anyone to develop, whether one is a student or a professional. Water also flows through the bowl refill tube into the overflow pipe to replenish trap-sealing water. Laughter is easier minute by minute, spilled with prodigality, tipped out at a cheerful word. Your explanation should answer the following question: What does the information provided mean? As the water level in the tank nears the top of the overflow pipe, the float closes the inlet valve, completing the cycle. However, two years ago I decided to get serious about school and made a few changes. Although they lost, it was against an excellent team that had won the championship last year. This is going to be an event you will not want to miss! Once your cat has gotten used to using the kitty door, remove the tape. Is your intent to persuade? Types of Information: Information from readings or class discussions Personal experience Representations in the media newspapers, magazines, television Statistics Example: To elaborate, I am an adventurous eater, and have tried many different kinds of pie in my life, including blueberry, strawberry, pumpkin, pecan, and cherry. A quick search around the internet will yield other types, but to keep this simple, it's a good idea to consider just these four. Finally, I decided to make school a priority over friends and fun. The first step we took in solving this problem was taping the kitty door open.

Critical Paragraph 5. I also decided I would work hard every day and never give up on any assignment. You cannot convince me that Karen did not know what she was doing.

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Paragraph Writing