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When you start to treat a kid like how you treat an adult, when they come out they 're not normal because how people have treated them throughout most of their lives. When you do the crime you have to do the time.

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Under the current prison system, many offenders of nonviolent crimes are getting much longer sentences than actually necessary Snyder, Dr. There has been a lack of funding towards new programs that could prevent inmates from returning to prison, and the result is an increase in recidivism in prisons all over the United States The federal prison system traces its history to the s.

This quote from The Scarlet Letter is actually true.

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Inthe California Department of Corrections was responsible for 19, inmates Each year, millions of people are released from prison, but roughly two-thirds of the prisoners who were released reoffend within three years of leaving prison, often with a more serious and violent offense.

This becomes a major problem since the United States has the highest number of inmates in the world, housing over 2 million offenders under federal and state jurisdictions, and at least 5 million more under supervision of p The debate of should these criminals be punished or should they be rehabilitated.

Elderly inmates require more medical care and special treatment, therefore, making incarceration even more costly.

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In the years between andthe state of California built twelve prisons, but has since supplemented the prison system with 21 new facilities.

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Essay on Prisons