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It also means gathering radiologists, doctors and specialists together at a new time, wasting valuable time and resources that ultimately affect a hospital's cash flow.

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This means that diagnosis and treatment might be delayed. In the nineties, Philips understood that one of the most important factors in innovation success was to coordinate learning and other change-related activities across international boundaries within the whole firm. They force large structures to adopt new values and to continuously re-engineering their business processes. The research in itself consists in two parts: the exploration invest in opportunities detection and the exploitation monetise the existing assets through patents and technology licensing. Appendix I: questionnaire 1. We compared the company's product specifications, service and pricing against other vendors, and Powerware was the best choice in all cases. This seems to be a critical step to move on towards a meaningful innovation culture. We can also add that in such a big company, crisis times are almost unavoidable and sometimes even necessary. From there, Philips has developed different approaches aiming to reach excellence in customer satisfaction. How does Philips can be sure to explore all the market opportunities? Can it then moving back to an equilibrium status? How can Philips control the sustainability of your processes around the world? In practice, the results of the market researches conducted by the local cooperatives are communicated to head-quarters in the Netherlands which owns the decision making power. Does your organisation encourage employees to be entrepreneur?

Thanks to the technology incubator, the idea is to develop these state-of-the-art technologies within a protected environment, where they have sufficient time and expertise to nurture.

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Why Philips? In addition to loss of data, these fluctuations can cause severe damage to sensitive, expensive equipment. One question arises at this point is how to know which part of the AAA triangle, the company should exploit? In fact, Philips changed its behaviour from a comprehensive and open leadership to become more strict and dominant. The Centurion programme took about 5 five years before organizational equilibrium was reached again. The ideas and concepts coming from partnerships are also easier to integrate because Philips can stay focused on its own core competencies, while partners provide their help for the rest of the integration. Sustainability: What triggered Philips to change towards sustainability? Long-Term Community Viability Although Philips is experiencing success, the finish line has not yet been reached. After two years of developments and tests, the concept is now patented and sold locally in China. This is one reason why the Hong Kong government has stipulated that UPSs are mandatory for diagnostic imaging system tenders. However, PMS lacks significantly in outsourcing activities to low cost destination Arbitrage. Besides this, it also came out of the interviews that employees feel like entrepreneurs: they can bring their own ideas on the table, lead their own projects and make use of corporate resources.

Leaving behind contact details will result in banned account from the group LinkedIn, This can be seen as changes or improvements in the business approaches that could help Philips to gain competitive advantage and thus to step out of the crisis quadrant in the sense of the Adaptive Cycle.

In order to fight against these weaknesses, Philips has developed and still develops a set of business processes aiming to make the firm more resilient to change.

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In order to go into detail, we also relied on specialized literature on Philips and on corporate business reports issued by the firm itself. Reliability is essential, but we also looked at power range, battery life and functionality.

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Case Study: How Philips Medical Systems use Powerware Corporation’s UPS