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Arrest and torture faced those who opposed the new order. For more information see our Cookie Policy.

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We always had young women staying with us whom my parents had taken under their wing. Marjane had trouble all her life with her modern ideas influenced by her parents and her stay in Austria. And I really love Ireland. Works Cited Satrapi, Marjane.

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As a transitional space, an airport is both connected and separated from the country in which it is. If you wanted to have a party you had to make sure there was no noise, because agents of the regime would come into the house and make trouble. To watch Iranian women challenge authority is also to watch them challenge conventional views in the West of them as subservient and exploited and little else.

For one thing in my family we don't drink alcohol, but we do love to go to parties.

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Iranian wasn't a cool thing to be. With the internet, the authorities can't stop young people getting the latest fashions. Indeed, she is expelled from school because of her willingness to challenge both the strict school rules, for example by wearing jewellery, and the regime, questioning what the teacher said about political prisoners She is once again happy and satisfied with the way things are going. Marjane feels isolated in Europe: the culture in Vienna, the sex, the drugs and the parties, is totally different to the Iran she has left behind. She grows distant with her husband and she also begins to find herself in a state of laziness and depression as before. Persepolis is too subjective to be a documentary, yet it is a document of a time. They also shot a little kid. Universities were purged of dissidents. Away from home, Marji goes through some tough times, and feels dislocated when she returns. Berman, Marshall. Prior to her brief marriage, she was arrested for publicly holding hands with a man. For me, the feeling was more one of sadness. I once met Marjane Satrapi, and she's quite a militant smoker. My husband had been living in Ireland before we were married.

Persepolis is too subjective to be a documentary, yet it is a document of a time. A divorced woman can do nothing in Iran. Or is it simply one person's perspective on the Middle East? It is modern and traditional, secular and religious, rich and poor — north and south.

At first she sees marriage as a way to stop hiding her relationship with her boyfriend and is quite excited for it.

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This time though it is her father who is able to bring her out of it. Geographical Context of Persepolis By Abigail Hustler Persepolis is very firmly located both historically and geographically and hence is imbued with a strong sense of place. This cynicism that she once again adopts is what fuels her to finally divorce her husband and move back west. The suppression of her expression and freedom has thrown her into this previously mentioned cycle and just serves to drive her more towards a modern and free way of living. Persepolis also offers insights into gender politics, perhaps without intending to. Berman, Marshall. Also, her family came from aristocracy. People are always asking if my parents mind, presuming that they're backward and small-minded - other Iranians never ask me that because they understand that our people welcome outspokenness. And I really love Ireland. When my Iranian cousins came to England they were frustrated at my questions. The first person who ever told me about the book was a French woman in a nightclub toilet. But there is plenty of humour.
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'Persepolis' depicts a world in which the personal is always political