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Organizational commitment may, at that point, be lessened; thus jeopardizing the stability of the organization.

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POS organizational antecedents Recently, a further systematic study and meta-analysis were conducted on POS pointing out its antecedents. All the employees were invited to fill in the questionnaire on the bank intranet portal.

Regression Tree analysis was used beginning with a generation of a root node. Behavioral outcomes of POS would include increased in-role and extra-role performance, increased organizational commitment, and decreased withdrawal behaviors such as absenteeism and turnover.

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Safety climate seemed to play an important role in POS Wallace et al. Of course, perfect correlations happen infrequently.

Given that multiple dimensions and distinguished categories have been suggested in studying POS, we expect specific combinations of antecedents e.

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Eder, P. Organizational cynicism is related to job satisfaction ; it is an attitude toward an organization reflecting one's beliefs about his or her experience as part of the organization. For instance companies who care about their employees' well-being are more likely to improve working conditions and job design, such as reducing conflicting job requirements Jawahar et al. Materials and methods Procedure and participants Data were collected by a team of researchers with the aim of measuring work-related stress and perceived organizational support. Perceived organizational support and psychological contracts: a theoretical integration. My organization would forgive an honest mistake on my part. Such an analysis is particularly important given that in some countries e. Being regarded highly by the organization helps to meet employees' needs for approval, esteem, and affiliation. Moreover, the results provide evidence in favour of managerial interventions aimed at enhancing perceived control and, consequently, minimizing the negative effects of a lack of organizational support on employees' affective commitment. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 35, In particular, employees who experience lower levels of welfare and wellbeing might deteriorate the reciprocation psychological process when they don't feel organizationally and emotionally supported e. Does pay for performance increase or decrease perceived self-determination and intrinsic motivation? Aselage, J. On the other hand, social exchange theorists argue that receiving increased welfare activities from their organizations might contribute more to success.
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Perceived Organizational Support