Pdhpe study notes for preliminary exam

Gyms can provide a haven from the extremes of modern living and that they can do as much for the emotional side of human experiences as they can for the physical. Socio-cultural factors that influence health include family, peers, media, religion and culture. Good social health means being able to establish and maintain positive relationships.

Action Point Read and gather an understanding of your sources.

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Including examples after the theory in your notes is a great way to reinforce the content you have learnt and improve your understanding by providing some real-world context for the mounds of theory that was just thrown at you.

Tertiary prevention: targets those people already affected by disease and aims to avoid recurrence of allowing the disease to become chronic. Step 2. Force can divert or slow the movement of an object upon which it acts.

preliminary pdhpe study notes
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How to Write Epic HSC PDHPE Study Notes