Ncaa student athletes deserve to receive a monthly salary for playing in collegiate sports

Should college athletes be paid 2018

This question has the propensity to cause much commotion within the various collegiate athletic divisions; e. I mean, just give the athletes minimum wage game checks. College athletes compete with all their hearts to be the best they can for their schools. The following are just some of the questions that pinpoint the complexities: Who will pay the college athletes the NCAA or colleges? Why can't hundreds of millions of dollars be directed into those, and in turn make money much more accessible to athletes for the kinds of regular day-to-day expenses regular college students pay by working jobs that are off-limits to intercollegiate athletes? Who even knows? And how in the world would you pay men in a way that wouldn't violate Title IX? Technically, in some states, the highest paid government official , is a college football or basketball coach. They do it for the love of the game and for the need for competition. In the meantime, college sports will continue to be a billion dollar industry, and athletes will continue to fill its ranks, either as a pathway to the pros or simply a way to exercise their passions. The players have become employees of the universities and conferences as much as students -- employees with no compensation, which not only violates common decency but perhaps even the law. If not, what money should be used to pay the baseball players, soccer players and fencers? Should only college athletes in the most popular and profitable sports football and basketball be paid? According to a NCAA Survey, many students average 30 hours of practice a week, while some spend over

Questions about the details are plentiful, and answers are scarce. Critics of the idea insist that college athletes are students first, with athletics merely an extracurricular. If the ongoing investigation is any indication of where the direction of college athletics is going, then the NCAA should prepare and make the applicable changes to prevent any further issues.

The problem at hand is that the college athletes who are performing on the field to bring in all of this money do not receive any of it, all of the revenue goes to the university and the NCAA.

should college athletes get paid

The colleges that win their Division title, their Conference title, or the National championship, give bonuses to the Head coach of that Should College Athletes Be Paid? If the National Collegiate Athletic Association will not to allow college athletes to be paid for playing the sports, then they should at least let them make money by marketing themselves.

Yes, colleges are providing these young people with excellent educations, but the student-athlete experience has evolved. Clearly, these athletes are already thinking beyond their college careers and have their eyes on where the money is.

Is it the responsibility of the school or the NCAA?

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Pay for play: NCAA athletes deserve compensation