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This series focuses on the latter; there will be little engagement with the wider evidence base, although this first article does explore the evidence underpinning narrative and its use in nursing.

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Since becoming interested in autosomatography in the s, I have accumulated a long, and growing, list of these. Today, when matters once the province of science fiction--test-tube babies, sex-change surgery, cyborgs, for example--have become quite commonplace, the experience of the body provides rich material for creative non- fiction.

The challenge is to use these narratives to improve practice and the patient experience.

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The result is that, overall, published accounts misrepresent the general experience of illness and disability. Agency and self-narration are also important with regard to the rise of autism memoirs.

One exemplar of this is the surgeon Richard Selzer—who, like Lewis Thomas, was honoured with the creation of an eponymous prize for medical writing.

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She should be learning English in school, but instead, she is learning it in this hospital room. As with breast cancer narratives, then, the rapid rise in the incidence of autism memoirs is not a function of a surge in the frequency of the condition. Madison: U of Wisconsin P, London: Allen Lane, Although the histology revealed squamous cell carcinoma, despite extensive investigations, referral to a regional oncology unit and regular reviews, the primary source of the malignancy had never been found.

They give it to people with schizophrenia.

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Patient narratives 1: using patient stories to reflect on care