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In fact, the school "memorization" culture is one of the most difficult things to overcome in the classroom.

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The teacher said he was surprised that they came so quickly to what he also thought was the right answer. Now they became angry, and loud.

But when I spoke with him on a different occasion, just a day later, he was talking about a great ethics course he had had in seminary, and he reminisced fondly about a particular class session where the teacher asked all these prospective clergymen whether they thought it would be right to lie in the case of, for example, hiding a Jewish family from the authorities in Germany in the late 's and early 's.

For example in history and social studies, many American adults believe that simple majority rule is the only possible form of democracy, even though the U.

Those who follow the Golden Rule, for example, may make a judgment about how to treat others based on how they themselves would want to be treated, even though the other person may not want to be treated that way, and even though there is objective reason to believe it is not in the other person's best interest to be treated that way, though it might be in the best interest of the person doing the act to have been treated that way.

The second difficulty then is trying to think of situations that might help isolate specific values to see whether there really is disagreement "deep down" or whether the disagreement is based on one or both parties' holding principles they only think they believe in, or ones they really consistently do hold.

But after he agreed with all the principles the first man had read, he said "Let me tell you about a case, though, and you tell me whether you consider this euthanasia or not.

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Job did not have to know all the answers in order to know that he was innocent and undeserving of the evil God visited on him or permitted to be visited on him ; and it is just not very satisfying for God to say only that there were things Job just didn't understand. United Nations programmes should address the genuine problems of youth in developing countries.

One does not apply the brakes in order to please the child's parents, though they may be pleased. Moral philosophy is an academic subject with a rich history in Western culture of nearly years. The principal characteristics necessary to be good at learning to teach this effectively are 1 the willingness to take student views seriously even if they may seem obviously false, 2 the understanding that reason is the only tool that can make the course work and not authority or dogmatism regardless of where it might lead, 3 a willingness to make mistakes in front of students and have to change one's own views, and 4 a willingness to be sincere, honest, and genuine with students.

It is not just the memories of good deeds that make them good. Love fosters self-less service based on caring for others' well being.

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