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if you wanted to grow innovation at 3m what would you do

For instance, information obtained from the traditional methods wasn t necessarily proprietary. Two of them represented a straightforward linear extension of 3M product lines.

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The company would sell the product by the ton! Every man and woman would need it. Instead of shaving your face or legs, you could just sand off the whiskers. Indeed, this is the first goal that is stated in 3Ms formal principles of management: the promotion of entrepreneurship and the insistence upon freedom in the workplace to pursue innovative ideas Osborn, Those close to the game are aware of this; at 3M it is argued that everyone is aware of the need to try new ideas. Arguably, this is precisely what 3M has mastered. Rita and her team were spending considerable time discussing the best path forward and trying to determine the ultimate recommendations they would make to the senior management team of the unit. The truth was that it went beyond the point of just finding a breakthrough product. This option was the best in terms of having everybody happy within the team and everybody in th e organization. Harvard business essentials: Managing creativity and innovation. This could potentially allow 3M and the Health Care Unit to break into overseas markets, and potentially develop region-specific innovations such as the low cost surgery drapes.

His brief was to produce the strongest adhesive on the market. All to say, the division should not put all of its eggs into the same basket - just yet. Along with technicians each team had a process engineer to ensure that the product was efficiently made.

Discuss the importance of the commercialization process for innovative organizations such as 3m

For instance, the various challenges the group faced during Stage IV of the process would need to be addressed in order to increase the efficiency of the overall process. The latest review of the companys position reveals that it manufactures over 60, products, has operations in 61 countries, employs 75, people and has achieved an average year-on-year growth in sales of 10 per cent see Figure The product development team had also developed a fourth recommendation, which was quite unlike the first three. This fact is part of the new product game. Three of the recommendations would see the introduction of new product lines, whereas the fourth recommendation hinged on a complete rewrite of the Health Care Unit s business strategy. The answer could be the change in the innovation process as a whole and not just one product at a time. This method addressed some of the shortcomings of the more traditional market research methods implemented by the company. Every man and woman would need it.

The recommendation of evolution or revolution was a big challenge for all the levels of the organization.

After all, depending on how that kind of changes are implemented, the numbers could go either direction, faster and bigger by itself. Autonomy and small businesses Like many companies 3M realises that large organisations, with their inevitable corresponding structures and systems, can sometimes inhibit the creative dynamism often required to foster innovative effort.

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High profile for science and technology Although the company was formed around a single technology, sandpaper, today 3M makes use of more than technologies such as membranes, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, high-vacuum thin films and superconductivity. Based on an exploratory field study of medical device development projects in India, we observe the frequent, iterative testing of prototypes in clinical settings and investigate the related learning process.

In the case where the team would put this recommendation forward, it would have the additional and likely unwelcoming effect of requiring a complete re-write of the Health Care Unit s scripted business strategy.

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Innovation at 3M by Angela Walczak