If i were a millionare

Money is definitely a boon and can be a friend. Furthermore, I would no longer be seen riding my motorcycle, as I would be driving a fancy car.

essay on if i were a millionaire in hindi

I will surely save some money for our future needs as well. Everyone have dreams andand every dream is unlike with each others. I wish I were a millionaire! When I see children on the streets with no food I feel great pain. He explained to me about the problems of poverty and told me that some of them are even orphans.

if i were a millionaire essay 300 350 words

This would be financed by me for at least a few patients. I would finally be able to afford to buy better clothes and would even be able to afford some designer labels like Gucci or Channel.

if i were a millionaire for class 8

I could take my mother wherever she wishes to go. The income generated provided by this park will be constant and will be spent on the maintenance of the public hospital.

Secondly, with a part of my wealth, I would have a very spacious with a lot of space library hall constructed beside close to my house.

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If I Were a Millionaire