How to write a letter to the president for a pardon

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Be open, describe and narrate the nature of the felony in detail and why — after all this time — you wish to be cleared of them. Juleyka Lantigua-Williams is a former staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covered criminal justice. The most compelling character affidavit is from someone unrelated to the convict.

Example character letter for pardon

He also said that Nixon and his family had suffered enough, that he might not be able to receive a fair trial, and that a trial might prove inconclusive. She was serving life without parole and had already put in 24 years. The purpose of your letter is to illustrate that, by virtue of your relationship with John, you are qualified to speak about John's character. Stick to the facts of the case at hand, and be respectful. It will tell you the kinds of issues you will need to discuss. Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. An applicant with no prior criminal record and a solid family and community reputation is more likely to succeed in a request for absolute pardon or modified sentence than a career criminal would be. Let them do that in their petition. There are three classes of pardons absolute, conditional and general. DO… Use the third paragraph to summarize: I want to commend you for proving that you truly care about people who were over-prosecuted during the 90s when African Americans were sentenced under the prejudicial to 1 crack cocaine disparity. Skip one more line and begin your letter with "Dear Mr. A presidential pardon doesn't absolve the criminal of wrongdoing; instead, a pardon is akin to an act of mercy or grace.

Her brother was arrested some time later and her father passed away before law enforcement caught up to him. The U. A letter that is difficult to read and filled with mistakes will not be taken seriously.

If this is the first time a prisoner is filing, they should have exhausted all of their appeals before seeking executive clemency. Jason Hernandez knows the overwhelming joy and relief of hearing that an application for clemency has been accepted.

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How to Write a Pardon or Apology Letter