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At the same time, however, students are encouraged to build camaraderie with professors, and not to see them as big, scary authorities. Saudi Arabia also is highly ranked in terms of purchasing power differential.

Hofstede study enabled him to compare dimensions of culture across 40 countries. LTO culture includes the characteristics of family is basis of society, parents have high authority in family, high work ethic.

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The theory of the plane crash explains in detail why intercultural communication is of importance in dealing with power distance. These reflect on respect tradition, do not waste, loyalty on work, respects others avoid lose their faces. References Al-Saud, F.

A high degree of importance on leisure time is placed as well. The Saudis have been all through internalizing this power distance as their cultural practice. Power distance and State in relation to Washington Power distance refers to the capability of a culture to value or not value relationship in hierarchy along with respect for authority. Power is left in the hand of men with women even looking down at themselves. Chinese people have never known any government other than one that is essentially totalitarian, with the history of emperors and dictators [3]. The Netherlands only scores 14 on this dimension. Academy of management review, But list a example of teachers in school. Leadership and organizational justice: Similarities and differences across cultures. Power distance in Saudi Arabia Studies claim that Saudi Arabia experiences the highest power distance in the world. Living and studying in China has been an eye-opening experience. There should be value equality, solidarity and quality in their working lives. There are mainly demonstrated national cultural by critically evaluate these two approaches.

It like teachers always treated respectfully.

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Power Distance and Hofstede's Dimensions