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Governor of Texas InGeorge W. After Democrats took control of Congress in the mid-term elections, Bush worked with Ted Kennedy to re-introduce the bill as the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of From then on, the two men would have regular Thursday lunches in the Oval Office.

The United States was fighting two foreign wars, and the budget surplus left by the Clinton administration had transformed into a multi-trillion-dollar debt—the effects of military spending, tax cuts, and slow economic growth.

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Senator J. Reagan's cabinet convened in the White House Situation Room , where they discussed various issues, including the availability of the " nuclear football ". He served as a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard from to Bush with his father outside the White House, April 29, In , Bush ran for the House of Representatives from Texas's 19th congressional district. The [resignation] speech was vintage Nixon—a kick or two at the press—enormous strains. Liaison Office in the People's Republic of China. Brown from office and stated publicly that "Katrina exposed serious problems in our response capability at all levels of government.

Kennedy shared Bush's concern for the education of impoverished children, but he strongly opposed the president's proposed school voucherswhich would allow parents to use federal funding to pay for private schools. A budget surplus had developed during the Bill Clinton administrationand with the Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan 's support, Bush argued that the best use of the surplus was to lower taxes.

Hurricane Katrinaone of the largest and most powerful hurricanes ever to strike the United States, ravaged several states along the Gulf of Mexico in August However, Bush performed as an ambassador, ignoring instructions from Henry Kissinger to stay away from diplomatic functions.

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With a power vacuum in place, Iraq soon fell into a sectarian civil war. In , Bush sold his share of the team for a reported 17 times his initial investment. Intelligence Community and expanded the government's domestic authority to conduct surveillance of suspected terrorists. Bush represented the centrist wing in the GOP, whereas Reagan represented conservatives. On a working vacation at his ranch in Texas, Bush initially allowed state and local authorities to respond to the natural disaster. Senate campaign of Republican Winton M. In the first two years of his presidency, George W. As had become customary, he and his wife moved into the vice president's residence at Number One Observatory Circle , about two miles from the White House. Several of those shot down during the attack were executed, and their livers were eaten by their captors. The bill received intense criticism from many conservatives, who had become more skeptical of immigration reform, and it failed to pass the Senate. Bush famously labeled Reagan's supply side -influenced plans for massive tax cuts " voodoo economics ". Bush was named after his maternal grandfather George Herbert Walker , who was known as "Pop", and young Bush was called "Poppy" as a tribute to his namesake. The couple settled in Midland, Texas, where Bush continued to build his business. Richards had vetoed the bill, but Bush signed it into law after he became governor. In , Bush sold his struggling oil business to Harken Energy Corporation for stock and a seat on its board of directors.

On August 6, he underwent surgery to insert a stent in his heart to open a blockage in one of his arteries. Inat a backyard barbeque, Bush was introduced by friends to Laura Welch, a school teacher and librarian. Also, as a result of the civil rights movementDemocrats in the South who were committed to segregation left their party, and though these "country club Republicans" had differing ideological beliefs, they found common ground in hoping to expel the Democrats from power.

Bush and Democratic candidate Al Gore was close and controversial.

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The retiring member, George H. Sununu that he should resign.

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George W. Bush and Laura Bush Get Seafood Delivery at Walker's Point