Factors affecting vegetation development in various environments

Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air. Incandescent light is high in the red or orange range, but generally produces too much heat to be a valuable light source for plants. In humid regions, rain readily leaches salts out of the soil.

Favorable water relations occur during May, June, and July, a period during which range plants should be capable of growing and accumulating herbage biomass. Influence on Floods Forests, in reducing surface runoff and increasing seepage, extend the time over which precipitation reaches as streams.

biotic factors affecting plant growth

I am grateful to Sheri Schneider for assistance in production of the tables and figures and for word processing this manuscript. Woody plants in the temperate zone have very sophisticated means for sensing the progression from fall to winter.

Winter injury also may occur because of desiccation drying out of plant tissues. Bareja Feb. Thus, they describe plants as short-day or long-day, depending on what conditions they flower under.

soil factors affecting plant growth

The cold temperature allows the bulbs to mature. The effect of a forest in reducing temperature Is much greater at 5 feet above ground than in the tree crowns. Conversely, unfavorable conditions can negate or diminish the full expression of genes.

Most summer flowering plants e.

Internal factors affecting plant growth

Short-day plants form flowers only when day length is less than about 12 hours. The influence of the forest in modifying climate under the trees is matter of common experience. The amount of water vapor in the air ranges from 0. The shortest day length 8 hours, 23 minutes occurs at winter solstice, 21 December, when the sun's apparent path is farthest south of the equator. However, not all plants grow best under the same range between nighttime and daytime temperatures. Some attribute all the desirable qualities of streams which issue from forest land to climate and geology and they deny any effect of forest itself. Proper Highway Design Well design planting in such situation can aid tremendously in sound control. Narcosing or wind turbulance 6. In varying degrees, the forest affects light and solar radiation, air temperature, wind, atmospheric humidity, precipitation, evaporation and transpiration.
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Environmental Factors that Affect Range Plant Growth