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The document Directive words provides definitions of some of the commonly used words. The deadline for each assessment will be provided course by course - from the Course Organiser, on Learn or in the course handbook.

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This will include knowledge of both empirical facts where appropriate and the debates about them in the reading. Most subject areas in SPS prefer the Harvard system, but check your course handbook or look in Learn for details of the appropriate referencing style to use. If you have or suspect you have a particular difficulty, such as dyslexia, make sure you draw this to the attention of your Director of Studies as soon as possible, so that due allowance can be made. Spelling and Grammar Pay attention to spelling and grammar. No resits or resubmissions are allowed, except in the case of approved Special Circumstances or as required by any other Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body. Your conclusion should be consistent with the material and argument you present. While information in textbooks and scientific journals has been thoroughly peer-reviewed the same is not necessarily the case of material posted on the internet.

In-text quotes less than 40 words have to appear in inverted commas followed by their reference. In general you should be sensitive to the assumptions embedded in language.

Essay writing university of edinburgh

Electronic submissions will be reviewed using a plagiarism detection service. Avoid using language which is either colloquial or grandiose. Sometimes this is a question of taking the time to reflect on what you are being asked to do in the assignment brief. If you are taking courses from other schools, please familiarise yourself with their requirements.

Give references as a matter of course for all quotations, but also for any important points or arguments that are based on your reading.

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We will deduct marks for excessive errors in grammar, punctuation or spelling. Reference your sources Always acknowledge your sources of information, including the source of any diagrams in your essay.

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You may also use material from the internet; however, a note of caution is appropriate here. Try to identify and understand different points of view. Spelling and Grammar Pay attention to spelling and grammar. Poor spelling creates an unfavourable impression and bad grammar may make it difficult for the reader to understand your arguments. References Cited designates a complete list, in alphabetical order, of only those sources cited in the essay. LearnBetter is available for all students to use. Your conclusion should be consistent with the material and argument you present. The best essays involve both clear and independent thinking i.

Engage in a dialogue with your reading, rather than leaving the thinking until afterwards. Any quote more than 40 words should be presented as indented quotes, without inverted commas, in font 11, followed by the reference.

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