Essay writing competition report

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You also might like the fact that many lives are lost every day just because there are issues related to cleanliness. The occasion had an overwhelming participation of 50 schools of both Delhi and across the country.

These included Ms.

Essay writing competition report

You might be glad to know that every other teen in this country is suffering from one or the other mental disorder. It successfully achieved its objective of engaging school students to stretch themselves intellectually with research, assimilation and impressive expression.

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It is ignorance that leads to wrong ideologies. Why are the policy makers so lazy in implementation?

Essay writing competition for school students

Why is there a lack of awareness among teens about how to tackle their hormones? They irrespective of a healthy income, run away to private hospitals in order to earn more. They deserve it for free and irrespective of that many women of this country use cotton, leaves, leftover clothes and what not to protect themselves? Let me highlight what you need to know about our health. Making children of age groups aware of what sex is and why is it important and when is it necessary will make a wiser generation. We need you at every step of the way. I would love to know that why can the parents were not made aware via workshops about what exactly their child feels? The ability to bleed in order to create a new life is something to be celebrated and not be ashamed of. Countries like the USA provide health insurance to all their citizens. Let me look at this as a broad subject. The competition was held on our School premise on the evening of 22 August, These included Ms.

We need you at every step of the way. I know you cannot return me my father but kindly let not others lose them. All it needs is a few good workshops.

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Sex education is a must. Only when they are taught to respect such a fact will they start valuing life. The rules are harsh. With a grimace on my face and a rage in my heart, I would want to know why can every public washroom not have access to sanitary napkins? Not only you, all of us would cooperate whenever it is needed. The event was a great success. Looking at these currently prevailing health policies, could you please give me a valid reason for why was my father an exception that he could not be helped? Could you please inform me that why can you not prevent these? Kindly stop running away. Let me be less selfish here.

The participants were given 3 hours to write from pm, after which dinner was served and those present got a chance to meet and mingle.

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