Essay on security threats in pakistan

The non-traditional threats are lethal for our livesfor our existence and as well as for our planet. The problem is, one has to deal with the cards one is dealt.

Another security thereat to Pakistan is the deployment of troops of India in Jammu and Kashmir.

proxy war and external threats to pakistan

After the second world war, tremendous changes have been took place in the entire world by transforming the entire world as a global village. Raw is certainly playing negative role in Balochistan.

External security threats to pakistan

Some think tanks are arguing that the next possible war between India and Pakistan would be upon water issue. They must be reformed to meet the demands of the poor masses. But that does not mean we should hesitate to draw the attention of the international community to the ruthless massacre of the Boloch nationalists by the Pakistan army. Our country is losing its true image. Poverty is a sort of curse which is making life miserable. Apart from this environmental challenges are formidable problems confronted to the people. The issue of terrorism and bad governance are the emerging challenges to the territorial integrity and state sovereignty. There are many reasons of unemployment like influx of machinery that has replaced manpower, lack of new industries and defective education system. But coping with internal disturbances is becoming far more difficult. Industrial sector has got a serious blow. It is easy to criticize the US for invading Afghanistan in and having been engaged in a war ever since that has only served to exacerbate threats to regional and Pakistani security and that the United States ultimately cannot win. It has assumed the shape of a fashion in our society. Climate change will negatively affect human activities and livelihoods in Pakistan through increasingly frequent extreme weather events and changes in temperature precipitation.

Access to cheap and quick justice should be made possible for everyone. The conflicts between India and Pakistan are a permanent source of threats to national security of both countries.

For much of the past year, Saeed has been under house arrest rather than in prison. Kashmir issue remains at the top of the list. Reports that Saudi Arabia and Iran are about to exchange diplomatic visits justify a degree of optimism that the kingdom may, at least for now, shelve plans to use Balochistan as a spring plank for efforts to destabilize Iran.

Traditional security threats in pakistan

We want India to take Balochistan issue to every international forum, the same way Pakistan has done to raise the so-called Kashmir issue. They bring lot of problems in their lap, diseases, security and food shortage. A map produced by the ODNI underscores the global nature of the threat. The funds are often channelled through Saudis of Baloch descent. The circumstances surrounding their deaths are murky, but the men were on patrol in Niger when the jihadists seized an opportunity to strike. Due to reasons of realpolitik, we let them down during their first war of independence. Energy crisis is not less than a threat. With other words, Pakistan is and was the ultimate arbitrator of its history and shares equal responsibility for the consequences of its decisions. This sectarian violence certainly is the outcome or aftermath of the U. Industrial sector has got a serious blow. The arch rivals; India and Pakistan who fought three wars since are nonetheless enjoying chess with one another. Furthermore, judiciary has also been instrumental in providing a legal cover to the military rule in the country. Not because they can be dismissed as the result of foreign interference but because they are often the legacy of past policies. What that does, is help Pakistan as well as the various external powers involved in Pakistani security understand drivers and formulate policies.

If they are not treated at this stage ,they will become a big threat for the future generation. Nonetheless, Nerendra Modi opted for his or her conservative agenda and proved detached from his predecessors.

But that does not mean we should hesitate to draw the attention of the international community to the ruthless massacre of the Boloch nationalists by the Pakistan army.

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Internal Threats to Pakistan