Effects of guilt and evil

In the play Macbeth a tragedy written by William Shakespeare.

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King Claudius expresses his remorse and prays at an altar for forgiveness. In essence, Macbeth is a great play with a perfect representation of the effects of guilt. During the war, men went away and fought, leaving behind the Women.

It is this sense of guilt that drives them both mad. The effects of guilt and evil tie into Macbeth with the theme of night and darkness. Macbeth is so consumed by guilt that he's not even sure what's real: Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand?

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This quote can refer to Lady Macbeth when she tries to wash blood off of herself. Another action that backfired was the murder of the guards which could've drastically changed the outcome of this entire story since he could've gotten away with King Duncan's murder if he didn't commit it A character who does ease his guilt and keeps his sanity is King Claudius from Hamlet. When he speaks of unnatural troubles, he is alluding to the supernatural consequences that people suffer under after they commit a wrongful act. In the end Macbeth is charged with the truth and Lady Macbeth kills herself both brought down equally from guilt. If no one ever caught caught for their crimes? There were over instances during which blood was spilled, spoken of, or implied throughout the play. To close, the play teaches us how humans can be easily tempted by misleading greed and selfishness, where the fairest human can be tainted from its innocence. However as we soon realize that Macbeth is very opposite, he shows timidness, self-doubt, but is also filled with bravery and ambition.

Yet it also has a dangerous side, when it becomes too great and out of control. His wife, Lady Macbeth is a stronger character, more dominant in the relationship with Macbeth.

Effects of guilt and evil

A thane, Macbeth, murders his king in hopes of becoming king himself. The devastating effects of guilt are portrayed vividly Macbeth Guilts Having fixed her eye upon the end - the attainment for her husband of Duncan's crown - she accepts the inevitable means; she nerves herself for the terrible night's work by artificial stimulants; yet she cannot strike the sleeping king who resembles her father It is vital to learn from them and Lady Macbeth that if guilt is placed on the backburner, the heat should be turned off and it should be checked on before it explodes.

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Impact of Guilt on MacBeth