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Tesco's is the largest food retailer in the world. An explanation using appropriate examples, of how the organisation uses customer service to meet customer needs. The purpose of the research is to inform action.

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It has now grown and now has different departments to their store e. Do you like shopping at Tesco? Zikmund, Current and planned quality system 3. Besides, it has also started owning gas petrol stations in many places for continuing support to its customers Tesco PLC Company, Quantitative research is a tool for testing objective theories by examining variables relationship. Working capital is tied up in stocks which cannot be sold. Tesco will use effective customer service to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

They might not get the products that they require somewhere else or may have to travel a long distance for that particular product, so despite of worse customer service, the consumer would come to that place for that particular product Ove. Keeping in mind the future, Tesco has improved rapidly with the changes in the technologies.

Anyone buying goods on hire purchase has the same protection under the law as a person who buys the goods outright.

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Westbrook, Excitement attributes are unexpected and unexpressed by consumers but can lead to high degree of customer satisfaction, nevertheless their nonattendance does not result into dissatisfaction.

Apart from selling other brands, it has its own labels categorized in three levels: value, normal and finest Company Spotlight: Tesco PLC, Tesco then invested in the things that matter to customers.

Both primary and secondary data are used and when it comes to type of research used in this case, it is known as applied research.

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Tesco's Objectives and Its Commitment to Customer Services