Creating brochure using photoshop

The layer styles and blending options window should open.

tri fold brochure guidelines photoshop

Do not worry, it can be any size. Draw white to black linear gradient using gradient tool, drag diagonally from bottom left to the top right corner of the white rectangle. Right click and select "Flip Horizontal.

Create a new group and place all these line layers within that group to make things more organized.

How to create a pdf brochure in photoshop

Also, change the angle of this layer style to degrees. Now, you will only see the guides in the document. First up is a Gradient Overlay. ALSO, add a security border on the left and right side of them as needed. Alter the path option to Subtract Front Shape. Then, set guides at the positions where you are going to fold the brochure. Just add those guidelines like you did with the others. Now, create an additional guideline that is 0. Print the first photoshop document. Set the height around pixels.

Drag and drop the rulers to the four sides of the document. Do this for all four sides of our document. Compile all the layers of lines into one group, as shown below: Next comes the design for the brochure template.

How to make a bifold brochure in photoshop

Make sure that the first rectangle starts from the main area that intersects the inner guides, as in the image below: Now you should select the Move tool from the tool bar and check mark the Show Transform Controls inside the tool options. Create a new save file after creating your file template and name is as your new brochure. When the brochure is designed, click on the eye next to the label layer group to make that group invisible. Alter the path option to Subtract Front Shape. You can also add images or vector designs to support the text. Print the first photoshop document. Save the file as Outside. Locate and select sun island image, then click the Place button to insert it as a Smart Object. Tip You can find some brochure templates online to eliminate Steps 1 and 2. I created a basic model for you, but you can add more creativity and fun when creating your own template.
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How to Create a Brochure Template in Photoshop