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the big four in philippine cinema

Action films formed the most successful movie genre in the '70s, led by directors Fernando Poe, Jr. Bomba komiks were suppressed when President Ferdinand Marcos declared martial law in The notorious genre of bomba was introduced and from that day forward has been present in the Philippine film scene ever since.

Martial Law declared in clamped down on bomba films as well as political movies critical of the Marcos administration. The studio systems came under siege from the growing labor movement which resulted in labor-management conflicts.

With the Philippine film business essentially dormant due to the war, Hollywood studios initially dominated the market.

who is known as the ?father of philippine cinema??

Filipinos have been watching movies since the late nineteenth century. First, the Manila Times Publishing Co. Ramon Estrella is one of the films that was banned at the time, due to allegations of it promoting Communism.

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History of Philippine Cinema