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We eventually wean our littles from breastfeeding and the nights that babies need to be fed every two or three hours are limited to the first couple months. You might think the pooping woke baby up when in reality it was something else and baby just pooped because he was awake.

Certain techniques are not recommended for babies under six months of age, however, and safety should always come firstespecially when considering the sleep of the very young child.

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I realized that where my son needs a bath, his swaddle, a full belly and a story to tell his little body it was time for sleep, mine needed similar things — at least until I got used to the new rigamarole. Were their mothering techniques leading to poorer sleep and hence maternal depression? It sounds like ongoing ocean waves.

We never stayed longer than 30 seconds.

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The 2nd night Hudson went to sleep around pm with little complaining probably thanks to the fact we had established this bedtime early on and only woke up once around am.

Let her sleep all through the night And may her dreams be pure delight. We then take him out of the bedroom for his first feed. Some naps may be shorter until baby learns to fall asleep quickly and on his own. For more information on the Ferber Method — Click Here.

But if baby is awake or even if you smell that dirty diaper because you checked on baby, it is a good idea to change the diaper. Conclusion Some things you just have to wait for.

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Breastfeeding at Night: 9 Coping Skills for Moms with Newborns