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Arthur Miller: I suppose she was speaking about the care and support that his family might give him, in that context. He went on to say, "Mr.

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When I started seriously writing in the late forties, he had come to a hiatus in his writing. InMiller published Timebends: A life, his biography.

Susan C. He is full of pity, but he brings no piety to it. Badaracco, Jr.

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The work, in fact, swept all of the six Tony categories in which it was nominated, including for Best Direction and Best Author. At the time of their marriage, he told the press that Monroe would curtail her movie career for the "full-time job" of being his wife. Death of a Salesman revived on stage with Dustin Hoffman. The American press is made up of disguised theatre critics; substance counts for next to nothing compared to style and inventive characterization. There is a problem on the so-called commercial stage in New York, of course. Ferris: Is there something coming out of theater right now that is setting standards the way those three plays did in their day? It is a concurrence of a past with the present, and that's a bit different. Miller can say it, dust returns to dust. They should be taking positions on that and any number of issues that are very close to us, for example, whether or not the humanities are financed, and financed sufficiently, and how they are administered. Miller: That was Burry. It is hard to know, but we might try to visualize the Lincoln-Douglas debates before the Civil War when thousands would stand, spread out across some pasture to listen to the two speakers mounted on stumps so they could be seen from far off.

I'm not aware of anything at the moment, but that doesn't mean there isn't. The one justification there used to be for the commercial theater was that it originated everything we had, and now it originates nothing. John Proctor says, "I'll tell you what's walking Salem, vengeance is walking Salem.

One was the Civil War and the other one was the Depression. So it had a relationship.

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