An analysis of the airline industry in europe

In fact with the help of internet they were able to eliminate the tedious passage through the travel agency: EasyJet customer can book a flight directly by Internet. Low costs are the one big trend in airline business, they emerged with companies such as GO and Buzz around and todays market leaders are Ryanair and EasyJet, we shall focus more on measures that EasyJet installed in order to understand better their strategy and how they execute it.

They got rid of most of the procedures regarding the check in do it yourself allowing them to get rid of the personnel who wasnt cost effective enough. As mentioned in prior, only companies that had implemented the technology over the s, like Air France, can now enjoy a competitive advantage over its competitors.

european airline statistics

According to this view, Air France has launched a project to rationalize and reduce the programming on regional airports of Marseille, Toulouse and Nice. Many consider the airline bankruptcies in Europe as a positive development, and expect the slow consolidation of airlines in the region to continue, potentially with more insolvencies among financially weak airlines that will lead to more mergers or consolidation.

Resisting it looks like a flight of fancy. There has been a lot of penetration from the Middle Eastern carriers: Turkish, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar — less from European carriers but I see that in the future.

If the top leaders expect great service for every customer every time, then they will naturally do what it takes to create a culture that breeds such service.

european airline market share 2017
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Europe's aviation industry by numbers