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Vitamin D3 can also be converted to nonactive forms. Commercial infant formula contains vitamin D, as discussed previously in this chapter. Skeletal Disorders Vitamin D deficiency results in inadequate mineralization of the skeleton. Subsequently, other clinical and experimental animal studies confirmed that vitamin D is most efficiently absorbed when consumed with foods containing fat Weber, ; Johnson et al.

Once vitamin D enters the circulation from the skin or from the lymph, it is cleared by the liver or storage tissues within a few hours. The winter low serum 25OHD concentrations and the summer high serum 25OHD concentrations from these studies are summarized in Table Chen et al.

Nausea, vomiting, constipation, poor appetite, weakness, and weight loss Recommendations Some experts have suggested that a few minutes of sunlight directly on the skin of your face, arms, back, or legs without sunscreen every day can produce the body's requirement of vitamin D.

Adults The life stages associated with younger adults, covering several decades, are characterized by a need for adequate nutrition for bone maintenance.

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The same type of mechanism involving differential induction of non-specific CYPs may underlie the occasional reports of co-administered drug classes, such as anti-convulsants Christiansen et al. It helps the body absorb calcium, which then build bones and keep bones strong and healthy.

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What Is Vitamin D? Definition, Food Sources, Health Benefits, and Supplements