A day before the exam

Just don't make it any longer than 15 minutes—set that timer and be prepared to get to work once relaxation time is over. Learn to study smartand not hard.

Revise topics one by one Work your way through your study notes, covering topics one by one. For the hours leading up to the exam, the only thing you should be focused on is the exam. Well, that's probably for the best as hopefully you won't be so silly again… The other things you should do are: Eat a healthy and nutritious meal Try to get a good night's sleep Having a good night's sleep is crucial to helping your brain work it's best.

Find these summaries and study them—hard. Computers and the internet can either be distractions or useful tools. But what we're talking about is the distraction that will suck up needed time: the neighbour that wants to chit chitchat, the friend who needs help moving, even your mom or dad wanting to know when you are coming to visit.

If you skimp on sleep, you will never really feel fresh, and will most likely just feel irritable, distracted, and burned out. Go with what has worked best in the past, no matter how much someone might try to convince you of a newer, better, or faster way.

how to study one night before exam

However, when it comes to really learning a new subject, cramming is one of the most ineffective measures of doing so. And while friends can provide some much-needed support, they're not always the best study buddies when you're pressed for time.

day before exam study tips

Then take a short break stretch the legs, get a drink. The day before During the day time, the day before your exam, you should carry on with your revision plan, school timetable or taking exams as already planned out. Once you feel reasonably comfortable with the material, meet up with a friend for an hour and present them with what you know.

what to do an hour before a test
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Test Anxiety: Three Tips for “The Day Before”