A biography of sarah orne jewett and features of her writing

The Country of the Pointed Firs, generally considered Jewett's masterpiece, is difficult to classify by genre.

Deephaven, James R. A good question to consider in teaching both of these stories is: How so these fictions inscribe whiteness as a racial category? Feminist scholars have been particularly interested in exploring Jewett's unconventional portraits of women, her subversion of traditional patriarchal literary elements, and her subtle critique of male-dominated society.

Woodstock: Overlook Press, Wilkins Freeman, and Rose Terry Cooke, and she is considered an important contributor to the development of the local color movement. The best of her writing resembled 19th-century French fiction, especially that of Gustave Flaubertwhom she greatly admired, in its naturalism, precision, and compactness.

sarah orne jewett a white heron

Her most important liaison was with Annie Adams Fields of Boston.

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